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Xsjado Soul Plates - Grey


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Xsjado introduced the revolutionary idea in skate manufacturing. Shane Coburn (the owner of Mindgame) and Dustin Latimer (the first Xsjado rider) came with the idea of replacing the liner with the standard shoe inserted into the skeleteon-like shell.
At first this controversial concept didn`t meet with a lot of good opinions but gradually, when the project was enhanced and such skaters like Chris Farmer or Jeff Stockwell started to skate in Xsjado, the interest with this brand significantly rose.
The innovative concept of Xsjado introduced the skeleton which would keep the foot in the right place with full support, without using the standard liner. The final product was a bull`s eye. The endless customization options of cuff, straps gives you the more freedom and adjust options like any other skate.
One of the not many disadvantages of such idea is quite fast wear of the parts. But this con was easily solved with the wide selection of available replaceable parts.
The Xsjado's offer lets you replace such parts as souplate, baseplate or footwarp and even those small parts and skeleton elements like power-straps, buckle straps, all screws and shockabsorbers.



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