Arbor Grillz Special Edition Vice 69mm 80A
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Arbor Grillz Special Edition Vice 69mm 80A


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The "Grillz - Special Edition" Vice was built around Arbor’s Groovetube core to deliver versatile slide performance at speed. Choose your line, release with ease, and conquer any surface. Now available as a special edition release, featuring our new "Schlub" Formula. To all you skidders out there doing skids - let’s get something clear, you crave thane lines. Don’t even try to deny it. That’s why we developed the new Schlub Formula - a twist on our tried and true Sugar Formula. This formula is made to be consistent and easy to slide so buy this wheel if you wanna run the club and leave hideously thick thane lines.
69mm / CP 35.5mm / OS 2.0mm / 80a / Schlub Formula / Groovetube Core


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