2021 K2 VO2 S 90 Pro Women's Inline Skates - 886745917465
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2021 K2 VO2 S 90 Pro Women's Inline Skates


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These skates are ideal for the recreational skater that is looking to get some great cross training in. Comfort is key in these skates, Led by the vortech Ventilation system, these skates will keep air moving swiftly through the skate to help keep your feet dry and cool. The lacing on this skate is also a breeze, just one easy pull up and you can cinch the skate beautifully. The Vo2 cuff and frame provide you with an excellent foundation to achieve the stability and speed that you are looking for.  So whats holding you back, grab a pair of these skates and hit the pavement!



  • Speed Lacing
    • Lacing that is quick and easy. This lacing system features a easy to use speed lace cinch with eliminates the need for tying knots. and also features a sleek pocket to stash away the extra laces. 
  • VO2 Cuff
    • This Upper Cuff is the perfect amount of flex for that skater looking for a great cross training skate.
  • VO2 S Frame
    • This one sided frame is the optimal design for reducing vibrations on roads that may be in less than ideal conditions
  • Vortech Ventelation System
    • Small air vents on the toe and underside of the boot along with vents on the outside of the boot to keep your feet cool and comfortable
  • 90mm 83A Wheels
    • The perfect size wheel for the skater  that is looking for maneuverability and speed. a mid-sized wheel that is great at holding its speed while also being very easy to turn. this is also a mid level stiffness that have good longevity while also having good grip.
  • ILQ 9 Bearings
    • Great bearings that are cleanable and also feature a nylon 6 ball retainer.


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