2021 K2 VO2 S 90 Men's Inline Skates - 886745918622
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2021 K2 VO2 S 90 Men's Inline Skates


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The NEW VO2 S 90 is ideal for the entry-level x-training skater looking for a higher-performing model than a fitness category skate. Leading the way on this innovative design is the VO2 S frame – a single-sided, extruded and machined aluminum frame – designed for the larger wheels that accompany skates in the x-training category. And speaking of wheels, the VO2 S 90 Pro features four 90mm wheels with premium ILQ-9 S Plus bearings for a smooth, high-speed training experience. Adding to the comfort of the Original SoftBoot® is the integrated Vortech Ventilation System, a 3-part system for keeping feet cool and dry on intense training sessions by channeling air through the base, footbed and upper. With the VO2 cuff providing support, this skate is the perfect balance of speed, stability and comfort.
*Note: Brake is removable but not compatible with left skate.



  • 90mm/83a Wheels w/ ILQ9 Bearings
    • Active formula wheels that feature a 83A hardness that is proven to provide a smooth and stable ride ideal for fitness and recreational skaters alike. This wheel also comes with a better ILQ9 bearing
  • VO2 S Frame
    • This Frame comes stock with 90mm Wheels, and can accommodate up to a 90mm wheel. Delivers the perfect combination of support, stability and speed.
  • VO2 Cuff
    • This cuff provided great support for that recreational skater looking for more stability. Includes a ratchet style strap, paired with a velcro power strap to keep you secure at all times.
  • Speed Lacing
    • This lacing offers is quick and easy and will keep your skates tight from start to finish.
  • Vortech Ventilation System
    • Offers advanced, high quality ventilation, great for training.


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