2021 K2 Mindbender Alliance 90C Women's Ski - 886745858911
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2021 K2 Mindbender Alliance 90C Women's Ski


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Stability is good, edge grip is impressive; but it's the intuitive nature and versatility of the Mindbender Alliance 90C that opens up new terrain all over the mountain. Harnessing the same Carbon Spectral Braid featured in some of the wider brethren, the Mindbender 90C offers the same torsional rigidity with a lighter energized vibe. Snappy, quick, and ready to rip, the Mindbender 90c Skis are your go-to.



  • Size
    • 149, 156,163,170
  • Dimensions
    • 127/90/113
  • All Terrain Rocker
    • Skis with All-Terrain rocker have a gradual rise to the tip for great versatility in all conditions, with a short, low rise in the tail for added control in variable snow.
  • Ski Radius
    • 17.5m @ 177cm
  • Skis Category
    • Freeride , All Mountain , Piste
  • Construction
    • Carbon
  • Binding
    • Flat (Binding Not Included)
  • Product Weight
    • 1721g @ 177cm
  • Torsion Control Design
    • Designed to enhance stability and control in all snow types, TORSION CONTROL DESIGN combines a progressive torsional flex, with a balanced and even longitudinal profile. Torsionally stiffest in the forebody and center of the ski, then easing throughout the tail, K2 skis with TCD have both precise, accurate turn initiation and smooth, consistent turn release in all snow types.
  • Carbon Spectral Braid
    • An extension of K2’s Torsion Control Design, Carbon Spectral Braid is a first of its kind variable angle reinforcement (Patent Pending) that allows for precision tuned torsion and flex by altering the fiber orientation along the length of the ski. Lively, energetic, and remarkably composed; Mindbender skis with K2’s Carbon Spectral Braid have stability and control in spades while remaining hyper-maneuverable.
  •  SlantWall
    • Adding a 30° angle to the sidewall in K2’s Hybritech construction, SlantWall increases a ski's agility and responsiveness while maintaining accuracy and power.
  • Core
    • Aspen
      • Lightweight and resilient, great all-around material.


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