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2021 Fischer Apollo Crown XC Skis


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The Fischer Voyager EF is a great ski for someone who may just be getting into recreational XC skiing or does not go that often. Featuring a waxless base, the crown of the ski will grip the snow for you while the tip and the tail of the ski allow for optimal glide. In addition, the Voyager EF will come pre-mounted. That means you will not have to worry about picking out a binding that will match up or worry about taking your old bindings and putting them on these new skis. XC skis made simple, the Voyager EF.


  • Efficient Foward
    • Thanks to the revolutionary composition of proven materials the elasticity of the body of t he ski is extremely increased; this guarantees a forgiving kick action and a new, easy going skiing experience.
  • Vario Crown
    • The new generation of crown technology: a combination of single, double and gliding crown for efficient power transfer and optimum gliding properties.
  • Hybrid Air Channel
    • Air channels integrated into the Fiber glass wood core save weight compared to the pure wood cores and are more resistant to breaking. This gives the ski much better area pressure distribution
  • Sintec
  • Hybrid
    • The special combination of two different technologies offers surface and sidewall protection against mechanical influences and enormously improved design possibilities.
  • Ultra Tuning
    • Unrestriced gliding. Offset base structure makes the ski fast and suitable for all uses.
  • Tail Protector
    • Extremely robust ski tails ensure that these skis fulfil the durability requirements of XC skiing.
  • Power Layer
    • .2mm thin, extremly lightweight, full surface high-pressure laminate comprising natural fibers and resin for noticeable ski weight reduction
Tour Step-In IFP Black/White Binding included
  • Turn Lock
    • The ergonomic design of the lever with secure grip soft components enables intuitive handling when stepping in and out of the binding. Haptic and acoustic response when opening and closing. protected against unwanted opening.
  • Tool Free
    • No tools are required for mounting and assembly and this is optimised for easy handling even in difficult conditions on the track. A clearly visible display in the windows next to the setting unit and the click in presetting make positioning even easier
  • Clip Lock
    • Clip for easy fixation and adjustment of the binding on the IFP (Integrated Fixation Plate)
  • Flowflex
    • The two part plate and click in setting with two closely arranged pins not only guarantees double the safety, but also that the binding is fixed on one point.The rest of the binding housing has a floating bearing design along the entire length which has no negative effect on ski performance
  • Torsion-proofed Body
    • The well though out housing construction with broad contact surface and torsionally stiff geometry is the basis for direct power transfer. Previously unattained ski control and forward thrust go hand in hand with low weight.
  • Low Profile
    • The minimalistic design height ensures a low stand position and maximum stability as a result. This means a more stable gliding phase and a direct feel of the snow at the same time.
  • Step-In
    • The Step-in Mechanism makes is extremely easy to step into the binding. You can hear a clear "Click" when the binding is closed properly 
  • Heel Pre-adjust
    • Adjustable heel section where the boot size is preselected using snap hooks on the heel rails. This heel is automatically positioned with it when the position is adjusted so no separate adjustments are necessary later.
  • Classic Flexor
    • This Flexor was developed for classic style skiing with a flex grade 7.0. This Flexor has slightly progressive power flow. Preload technology ensures the best ski control from the beginning of the motion. 45 degree working angle, tool free changeover, secure fit inside binding housing and low wear material are what make this high performance absorber stand out

Voyager EF Ski Sizing
164 -
174 - 121 - 174lb
184 - 175 - 209lb
189 - >209lb


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