2021 Blizzard Alight 7.2 + Marker TLT 10 Women's Skis - 8050459780291
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2021 Blizzard Alight 7.2 + Marker TLT 10 Women's Skis


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The Blizzard Alight 7.2 Skis + TLT10 W Bindings are the perfect learning platform for new skiers or those just coming over from rental gear, and make learning more enjoyable than ever. With a Woman Specific Design (WSD) and new light construction, the Alight 7.2 is ultra easy to coax into smooth turns and extremely forgiving for those with lesser experience.


  • IQ Composite
    • Composite core construction reinforced with fiberglass, provides a mid to lower level of performance that is characterized by easy handling, comfortable stability, and effortless control.
    • Allows very easy into and out of the turn, better sliding, great control and a forgiving feel
  • Duratec
    • Duratec is the use of a thicker textured surface combined with maximum edge radius and aluminum tip protectors to contribute to the durabilty and longevity of your skis.
  • Blizzard Quattro Shape - Narrow Waist
    • The Blizzard Quattro shape concept is available in different sidecuts, waist widths and model sizes so skiers can match the skis precision and agility to their own technique.

          • Quick edge-to-edge
          • Best edge grip on icy slopes
        • SHORTER SKI SIZES (< 170CM)
          • Radius from 10M to 13M
          • Shorter turn shape, a more fun, Slalom carving feeling
  • Sidewall
    • Sidewalls provide torsional rigidity and constant pressure along the full length of the ski. The result is better energy transmission, stability, control and ultimately greater performance.
  • Suspension
    • IQ Interface that incorporates an elastic dampening system.  This inferface delivers less vibration, a more dynamic feeling and unbeatable edge grip, which results in easy and effortless skiing.
  • Radius 13m @ 160cm


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