2020 Ronix Bat Tail Thruster Wakesurf Board - 711221314356
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2020 Ronix Bat Tail Thruster Wakesurf Board


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We took our classic Thruster that’s known for high speed carves for days and throwing down the biggest bottom turns and modernized it in the blue room. The result is a new thinner profile, wider compact Bat Tail outline - designed for the updated, bigger, steeper boat wake. This new hard charger gets to point B quicker, and has more smack off the wake for added hangtime.



  • Machined EVA back Pad 
    • This pad also features arch support and an extra tall tail kick
  • Front Pad - Wax Mat Direct
    • a thin silicone mat that feels like your favorite surf wax (minus the mess). For the rider that wants that direct connection with their board. Built by Surfco in Hawaii.
  • Fin-S 2 System Fins
    • This is a Ronix exclusive technology that allows for very quick and easy fin replacements and swaps.
  • 3 Fins
    •  1 Fiberglass Symmetric 2.5” & 2 Asymmetric 3” Fins
  • Core - handmade by Robots
  • Performance
    • Advanced
  • Flyweight Construction
    • Less is more. These cores are designed with a minimalist approach, keeping the purest form of surf in mind.
  • Skimmer Profile
    • a board with the most solid connection with the water. Allowing the rider to surf more like they are on a wakeskate, by either using a shallow fin, or no fin at all because the board has so much natural grip
  • Hard Rail
    • High speed carves for riders that like to jump on the gas pedal
  • Lava Resin
    • A high temperature resin used on all of Ronix's surfboards that is built to withstand mother natures extreme heat
  • Board Style
    • Hybrid-characteristics of both a skim and surf style board
  • Air Vents Inserted in the EVA pads
    • these vents help with the extreme heat a board may be exposed to when out on the water all day.


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