2020 HO Women's Omni W/ Women's FreeMax + ART
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2020 HO Women's Omni W/ Women's FreeMax + ART

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Like most people who love slalom skiing, you probably find yourself somewhere between pushing your limits on a competition course and riding out on the open water for fun. The Omni from HO Sports strikes the perfect balance between record breaking performance of HO's Syndicate skis, and their Freeride series. Combining the maneuverability of a traditional ski shape and the extra speed and stability of a wide rideride ski, The Omni allows users to only have to buy one ski. The Omni's Flex-Frame construction helps the ski to torsionally flex more to create tighter turns despite the added width. A refined Clean Edge 3.0 tail allows for water to release cleanly off the tail, reducing drag. HO has added more bevel between the back foot and the fin, and this makes the Omni accelerate quicker with less effort from the rider. The secret to why the Omni makes for a better open water option is it's SpeedSkin Base and Hex Fin. Both of these features increase the speed of the ski and improve turning properties, so you can spend more time cutting hard turns without getting fatigued as quickly.

Recommended boat speed for the Omni is 28-34MPH.



  • Women's Specific Flex
    • 30% Softer Flex to maxmise feel for more finesse skiers.
  • Flex-Frame
    • Increased torsional flex provides the maneuverable feel of a traditional ski with the speed & stability of a wideride ski
  • Hybrid Width
    • A waist width halfway between a traditional ski and a wideride ski provides for smooth instinctive turns at a wide range of speeds
  • Clean Edge 3.0 Tail
    • The Clean Edge bevel-less tail produces less drag and more acceleration with less skier input.
  • Continuous Rockerline
    • Instinctive turns with no paralleling
  • Deep Concave
    • Added stability in turn balanced by low drag Clean Edge tail
  • SpeedSkin BaseTraditional Construction
    • Fish-scale inspired advanced laminar textured ski base reduces ski drag and increases ski speed by breaking up water molecules during ski to water contact.
  • Fiberglass Polyurethane composite structure
  • HEX Fin
    • NACA Airfoil inspired 3-dimensional fin enhances ski versatility by increasing glide speed and turning properties

Ski Sizing

Up to 110lbs

110lbs - 150lbs

Over 150lbs


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