2020 HO Excel Combo W/ Horseshoe/RTS - 054065692663
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2020 HO Excel Combo W/ Horseshoe/RTS


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Crank up your summer fun a notch by adding a pair of Excel combo skis to your boat. Excel combos feature a traditional waterski shape, with a concave tunnel for stability. If you're just getting started, the Excel combo skis have tip inserts ready for a trainer bar to help keep the skis together during deep water starts. Excel combos come with an adjustable horseshoe binding that accommodates a wide range of foot sizes to ensure everyone gets their time on the water. These combos are ideal for introducing everyone to waterskiing, without breaking the bank.



  • Traditional Water Ski Shape
    • for proven dependability
  • Tunnel Bottom Design
    • for a stable ride
  • Compatible with HO Trainer Bar
    • for easy learning
  • Easy to use Adjustable Horseshoe Bindings
    • fit a large range of foot sizes
  • Free "Learn2waterski" instructional video link
  • included to get the entire family excited and confident. HOsports.com/Learn2waterski
Available Sizes:
59in (Up to 120lbs)
63in (110-160 lbs)
67 (Over 140lbs)


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