2020 Blizzard Firebird WRC WC Piston (Flat + Plate) Race Skis - 888341680705
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2020 Blizzard Firebird WRC WC Piston (Flat + Plate) Race Skis


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The Blizzard Firebird WRC is the top model in the Firebird line and it is best characterized by fasten your seatbelt power and a rock and roll attitude. It is the perfect ski for anyone looking for a precise and ultra stable race style ski that loves long radius, high speed turns. The magic under WRC's hood are the carbon technologies (C-Spine and C-Armor) combined with a Double Titinal Sandwich Compound Sidewall construction to deliver a ride that dreams are made of. The WRC brings a whole new meaning to the term, "Racers... Start your engines."


  • C-Armour
    • A layer of bi-directional carbon fiber is placed above top layer of Titinal and is positioned from edge to edge under the middle section of the ski, directly under the FDT Race or WC Piston Race plate. This layer of carbon fiber adds additional support to the middle section of the ski.
  • C-Spine
    • Two bi-directional carbon fiber layers are positioned vertically between the middle laminents of the woodcore and run tip to tail.
  • Full Camber
    • For superior control on icy slopes and faster edge to edge response.
  • Duratec
    • Duratec is the use of a thicker textured surface combined with maximum edge radius and aluminum tip protectors to contribute to the durabilty and longevity of your skis.
  • Sidewall
    • Full sidewalls provide torsional rigidity and constant pressure along the full length of the ski. The result is better energy transmission, stability, control and ultimately greater performance.
  • Piston Plate
    • Superior vibration dampening technology to keep you edge in contact with the snow. Also adding stiffness to your skis, which allows you to have a more reactive turn.


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