17/18 Fischer RC4 The Curve TI Powerail Men's Skis - 9002972201196
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17/18 Fischer RC4 The Curve TI Powerail Men's Skis


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For charging groomers and carving those race style turns, the Fischer RC4 The Curv Ti will have you gripping and ripping. With its carbon-enhanced wood core - Air Carbon Ti technology - this ski lies precisely and controlled in every turn even with its extreme Triple Radius. The Triple Radius shape of THE CURV enables better control and power transfer throughout the entire turn - starting with exact turn initiation and the precise gliding phase on the edge up to the final acceleration at the end of the turn. No stress is too high, The Curv Ti stays on track. The Free Milled Titanium laminates enhance the balanced performance of this ski by eliminating chatter and keeping it torsionally rigid. An advanced-expert rider level ski, with dependable bindings, what are you waiting for?
Key Features of Fischer RC4 The Curv Ti Skis w/ RC4 Z12 Powerrail Bindings:
  • Concave Sidewall
  • Air Carbon TI 0.5
  • Triple Radius
  • Character Size
  • Free Milled Titanium
  • On-Piste Rocker
  • Plate: All Ride
  • Sintered Bases
  • Sandwich Sidewall Construction
  • Beech Poplar Wood Core
  • Sidecut: 121-68-102
  • Radius: 13m @ 164cm
  • Rocker Length & Height: 200/1-2
  • Weight: 1650 g @ 164cm
  • System: RC4 Z12 Powerrail Bindings

RC4 The Curv TI/RC4 Z12 Powerrail


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