2022 Full Tilt Descendant 100 Men's Ski Boots - 886745935605
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2022 Full Tilt Descendant 100 Men's Ski Boots



  • Evolution Shell
    • The Full Tilt Evolution Shell adds much needed depth to the Full Tilt line. Designed for those with a wider foot, the Evolution Shell incorporates a higher volume fit and a 102mm last.
  • Performer Liner
    • The Performer liner's laminates are specifically engineered to be Full Tilt's lightest weight liner for increased maneuverability while maintaining it's warmth and custom moldable fit right out of the box
  • Last Width
    • 102mm
  • Tongue Flex / Flex Rating
    • 8 (On a scale of 4-12 with 12 being the stiffest) / traditional flex rating : 100
  • Shock Absorber Boot Board
    • Soft rubber layer in the sole of the shell absorbs vibrations, shock, and impact for a smooth ride.
  • Ladder Buckles
    • The ladder buckle features an intuitive, easy to remember, macro-size adjustment, plus a micro-twist for fine adjustment with a light, easy-to-handle aluminum lever.
  • Forward Lean Adjustment : 3 position
  • Gripwalk Outsoles
  • Dual Material Mid-Grip
    • Added Traction for icy parking lots and peaks alike.
  • Intuition Liner
    • A closed cell heat activated foam that molds 100% to your feet and shell during use achieving a comfortable warm and lightweight fit.
  • Weight
    • 2000g @ 27.5
  • Dual Material Toe and Heel
    • No slipping getting in between you and the ground. A firm TPU and a softer material combat wear and keep your feet underneath you on any surface.
  • Velcro Wedge Spoiler
    • Dial in your forward lean angle with this removable velcro spoiler.
  • FT Evolution Cuff
  • J-Bar
    • An additional j-shaped piece of foam is inserted internally on both sides of the ankle area to dramatically increase ankle hold down, to keep your feet perfectly in place for percise control.
  • Wide Toe
    • A Thinner foam is used in the front of the liner to increase space without sacrificing control for people with wider feet or who prefer a little more toe room.


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