Jet Pilot Wave Farer Women's Comp Vest - 882930184865
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Jet Pilot Wave Farer Women's Comp Vest


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A modern silhouette paired with soft colors and subtle graphics makes the Wave Farer a perfect addition to the Freeboard series.  Premium, super soft and flexible materials offer a superior fit.


  • AERO-JET FOAM - Soft, light, and pillow-like composite foam that provides durability and minimal water absorption
  • flex-LITE NEOPRENE - Flex-lite is insanely flexible, soft, and lightweight, in fact it’s the best we can find.  The jersey is extremely soft and smooth while the internal foam is lightweight and holds less water than other foams
  • Super-flex side panels - No foam (only neoprene) stretch panels on the side promote mobility and flexibilty
  • Multi-flex pattern - Segmented foam pockets offer a more engineered fit, providing increased maneuverability and comfort.  The stitch-through design keeps foam from moving or displacing between the neoprene over time
  • PK revisible zip with zip lock - Reversible high quality and durable zipper and zip head with velcro zip lock
  • neck loop - The nylon neck loop can be used to hang your vest up to dry (increasing durabilty)


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