2020 K2 VO2 S 100 BOA Men's Skate - 886745805847
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2020 K2 VO2 S 100 BOA Men's Skate


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The K2 VO2 S BOA is a high performing X-Training skate that will bridge the gap for those looking to go a little longer and a little further. So if you are looking to pick up the speed or attempt your first marathon, the VO2 S BOA would be a great fit. Utilizing the BOA closure system, allows the VO2 S BOA to lace in up in a matter of moments, and makes the on-the-fly adjusting a breeze! Additionally, it features the Vortech Ventilation System which keeps your feet cool even when you're working up a sweat. Its time to treat yourself to a skate that has all the bells and whistles.


  • BOA Lacing
    • This lacing offers a ratcheting dial that will keep your skates tight from start to finish. BOA also offers a lifetime warranty on its parts. . 
  • VO2 Cuff
    • This Upper Cuff is the perfect amount of flex for that skater looking for a great cross training skate.
  • VO2 S Frame
    • This one sided frame is the optimal design for reducing vibrations on roads that may be in less than ideal conditions
  • Vortech Ventelation System
    • Small air vents on the toe and underside of the boot along with vents on the outside of the boot to keep your feet cool and comfortable
  • 100mm 83A Wheels
    • Larger 100mm wheels on this skate for better top end sped. The wheel hardness is a good mid level that provides good longevity while also providing ample grip.
  • ILQ 9 Bearings
    • Great bearings that are cleanable and also feature a nylon 6 ball retainer.


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