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Ski and Snowboard Tuning Services

What do we offer?

We specialize in ski and snowboard tuning and can bring almost any ski or board back to its' original glory. We offer a variety of services for both skiing and snowboarding, but do not limit our services to these two sports. In the summer months, we offer inline skate repair as well as servicing skateboards, longboards, and all your water sports equipment short of a boat.

If you have something in mind, and are not sure if we can help you, please call us to get some answers or even a quote!

Our lead time is at least 2 days for us to get your equipment serviced from the day of drop off. Please plan for us to have the equipment at least 48hrs.

Ski & Snowboard Services

Mounting Services
- We offer mounting services for both XC and Downhill skis.

  • In-Mount - $25
    • At the time of buying skis, boots or bindings from us, this is a discounted mount charge.
  • Out-Mount / Re-mount - $70
    • Mounting skis and bindings that were not purchased from Pinewsk'is, or mounting a previously drilled ski.
  • Binding Adjustment & Test - $25
    • This service is for bindings that have not been used in some time or have pre-released for the skier.
    • Also service for those bindings that may need to be moved, but do not need new holes drilled.
  • XC Mount - $20
    • Mounting XC Skis

Tuning Services
-If you plan to drop off a snowboard, please remove the bindings before drop off.

Buff Wax - $15
  • This is great for helping your skis or board run faster. An inexpensive way to help you get down the hill quicker.
    • Hot Wax Roller and brush.

Iron Wax - $25
  • This is great for freshening up your skis or board that have not been waxed in a while and have little to no base damage.
    • Iron-in all-temperature wax, scrape and brush.
    • Great option for end of season storage!

Edge and Wax - $40
  • Great for those who are looking to improve their edges and increase glide.
    • Includes edge sharpen and buff wax
    • Does not include Base Repair (P-Tex)

Sport Tune - $50
  • Great for recreational skiers and snowboarders who may have minor base damage and are looking to get their skis or board sharpened and waxed.
    • Base flattening with minor base repair (P-Tex)
    • Edge sharpening
    • Buff wax.

Performance Tune - $60
  • This tune is great for avid skiers and snowboarders. Also the tune we highly recommend if you are getting ready for a trip to the mountains!
    • Our performance tune includes the sport tune services, with an added stone grind finish for optimal glide.
    • Edge angles can be tuned to the customer's preference.

Race Tune - $80
  • This tune is the ideal tune for any racer. Recommended for beginning of season preparation for any race ski, and as needed during the season.
    • Our race tune includes Base flattening, Stone Grinding, Sidewall Trimming, and a ceramic disc edge finish.
    • We use a Wintersteiger Ceramic Disc Edger to set your desired edge angle.
    • We finish the skis with an iron wax using Swix HS Series wax based on your temperature preference.
Jib Tune - $50
  • This is our tune for those of you spending endless hours lapping the rope and prefer a rounded edge for hitting rails.
    • We de-tune (round over) the edge underfoot (skis) or between the inserts (snowboard) for better slide on rails. *Once the edge is rounded it cannot be sharpened*
    • Base flattening with no extra base repair (P-Tex) included. If you need a big gouge fixed, we can quote case-by-case.
    • We finish the skis/snowboard with a buff wax.


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