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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to make an appointment to get my skis/snowboard serviced?
Here at Pinewski's, we do not make service appointments. We treat service on a first come, first serve basis. So if you need a tune up on your skis or snowboard, the sooner you drop them off the better!

How long does it take for my equipment to get serviced?
Our service turnaround is typically a minimum of 48hrs. This is not an exact time frame, and can be much longer in the peak season. If you need something done sooner, give us a call and we can try and help!

Do you mount ski bindings?
Yes! We mount, adjust, and test ski bindings. We can take your current skis and bindings, and adjust them to new boots, or even take new skis and bindings and get them mounted with your current boots.
*If you have a touring binding, call ahead to make sure we have the jig.

Are you still tuning?
Yes! Our ski and snowboard service is always going, and you can drop your skis or snowboard off any time of the year. Full service, year round.

Can you fix my broken equipment?
We have a great selection of parts and knowledge to fix just about anything. If you are wondering if your equipment can be fixed, it is best to stop by in person or email us some pictures of the affected area(s).


Are the items on your website available in store?
Yes! Everything you see on our website is a reflection of what we have in store. Consider our website a virtual showroom. So if you see something you like on our website, odds are you can pick it up same day.

Do you price match?
Yes. If you have the exact product (year, size, color, etc) we will try to price match. There are some instances where it does not make sense for us to price match, and in that case we will give you our best price.

What is your return policy?
We have a 30 day return policy. Items must be in new condition (includes packaging), and you must have a valid receipt. Anything past 30 days is in-store credit.

Online Returns: Online returns have 30 days from the delivery date to get the item(s) back in the mail. Return postage is paid for by the customer unless the item shipped does not match what was ordered. Shipping rates are also looked at as a nonrefundable service as long as the item shipped matches what was ordered.

Do you sell used equipment?
We do not sell used equipment. If you are looking for used winter equipment, we would suggest checking out your local ski and snowboard swap for great guidance and selection!

Do you lease equipment?
Yes! As of the 2020/2021 season we have a Junior Ski Lease program for ski equipment. We hope this can expand in future seasons but for now will just include skis, boots, bindings.

Demo Program

How much does it cost?
The rate for waterskis and wakeboards is $25/day. This price includes boots, but is not cheaper if you choose to use your own boots.

The rate for wakesurf boards is $30/day. Again these daily fees can be put towards the purchase of a board.

How is my fee applied
Your daily fee is applied to the product you purchase. For example, if you demo two surf boards for one day, you are paying $30/day per board, so a total of $60. When it comes to purchasing a board you can use all of the $60 towards your purchase.

Used Equipment

Do you buy used equipment?
Unfortunately we do not buy used equipment.

Where can I sell my used equipment?
If you are looking to sell your used skis, snowboard, boots or other winter equipment we would encourage you to find a ski and snowboard swap near you! If you are interested in the dates/times you can check out our events calendar here.


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