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Pinewski's Watersports Demo Program. Try new products before you buy them

Decisions, Decisions.

Trying to pick out a new waterski, wakeboard, or wakesurf board can be tough and, trying to get it right the first time is near impossible. As a result, we have created and now provide a demo program for our water sports equipment! This takes the guessing game out of the equation, and finally lets the products speak for themselves.

How does Pinewski's demo program work?

How it Works

You pay a daily fee, per product, to give them a "test drive". You can have the product out for a single day or even the weekend. All we ask is that the items are returned in brand new condition, just like test driving a car.

The best part about the whole program is the daily fee you pay can be put towards the purchase of the product.

Common Questions

How much does it cost?
The daily rate for waterskis and wakeboards is $25, and the daily rate for wakesurf boards is $30. This daily fee is built up and can be applied as a credit.

How is my daily fee (credit) applied?
Your daily fee (credit) is accumulated and can be put towards the product you purchase. For example, if you demo two different surf boards, both fees can be put towards your final purchase, even if the final product was not one of the first two.

Is my credit transferable from sport to sport?
Unfortunately, no. The credit you accrue for wakeboards can only be used on a wakeboard purchase. Likewise for wakesurf, and waterskis.

What if I damage the product?
You will be charged extra for any damages and this cannot be used towards the purchase of a product.

If I return my equipment earlier than the expected due date, do I get refunded for the days I did not use the equipment?
Unfortunately no. The payment of your daily fee (credit) is looked at as a down payment to a future purchase.


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