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2020 Tecnica Firebird R 120 Race Boots


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The Firebird R 120 offers true race performance with a more relaxed, anatomical fit. This boot dishes up power, support and stability for maximum performance and fun. There is no speed limit.


  • Soles: ISO 5355
  • Shell: Polyether
  • Cuff: Polyester
  • Liner: RACE DEPT.- floating tongue- with laces
    • A thin, leather liner with laces offers enhanced sensitivity and close wrap of the foot for a more direct transfer of power to the ski. Can be custom formed with heat to help the break in process.
  • Buckles: 4 micro ALU
  • Spoiler: Velcro Spoiler
  • Powerstrap: 35mm Full Contact Strap
  • Canting: Double canting screwed
  • Extra Features: Forward Lean Adjustment
  • Flex: 120
  • Last: 95


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Master Shredder 9 2020 at Trollhaugen