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2020 Blizzard Alight 7.7 + Marker 10TLT Women's Skis


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Maybe you have always rented skis, or maybe you have always used second hand skis. Heck, maybe its your Bithday and you just want to get yourself something nice! Well, look not further than the Blizzard Alight 7.7. This is a great ski packed with a ton of great features to make sure you have the best possible time on the mountain. Small amounts of rocker in the nose help the ski not catch an unexpected edge and the 77mm waist help the skis feel extremely nimble from turn to turn. This ski is a spectacular option for an intermediate skier looking for a great ski to help them progress their skills.


  • IQ System
    • The Blizzard IQ System provides the skier with a integraed dampening system with imediate power transmission. This construction gives the ski an overall lighterweight ski body and more evenly distributed pressure, as well as more natural flex throughout the length of the ski.
  • 6mm Rocker
    • 6mm of Rocker provide the skier with better sliding control and a more forgiving feel.
  • Alight Construction
    • A women's specific construction and shape that is focused on lightness, playfullness, and performance. The balance point on this ski enhances the on snow experience based on the anatomy of a female skier. 
  • Lengths
    • 146cm, 153cm, 160cm, 167cm
  • Radius
    • 146:11m, 153:12m, 160:13m, 167:14m 
  • Marker TLT10 W Binding
    • This binding offers a Din range of 3-10, and also comes interfaced on the IQ Demo plate for optimal performance and also easy adjustment.
  • 77mm Waist
    • Stability in all snow conditions as well as providing the skier with a ski that will be very nimble from edge to edge. 


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Master Shredder 9 2020 at Trollhaugen