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2019 Phase Five Phantom Wakesurf Board


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The Phantom is a new board from Phase Five which was designed by Parker Payne.  This surf style board is also very good at catching air off of the wake as well as spin based tricks. The rounded rail on this board give it a really good surf style feel while the shape of the core and perimeter of the board help with spins and airs. This board also come with 4 fins so that you can really dial in your ride. The new Techno Grip pad is the best traction pad that Phase five has ever created. So if you are looking for a board that excels at speed, air and tech tricks, look no further than the Phantom.


  • Made in the USA
  • Flextec 2 Lamination
    • This lamination process uses Innegra and carbon inlays that increase speed and durability in comparison to traditional foam.
  • Carbon Reflex Speedrail
    • This gives the board more rigidity around the outside edge of the board, which helps make the board faster, more responsive and more durable
  • FCS Fin Boxes
    • Allows for more versatility in the placement and style of the fins attached to a surfboard
  • EPS Core
    • Ultra lightweight core that helps improve performance.
  • Flexspine
    • Extra Carbon Inlay that goes from the nose of the board to the tail that improves stiffness and overall performance
  • V.R.T. Technology (Vacuum Ribbed Technology)
    • Phase Five has perfected a hand lamination process that is accompanied by vacuum machine, that utilizes fiberglass, and bar stringers on the bottom edge of the board to give this board extra strength and pop.
  • Epoxy Resin
    • epoxy resin is a healthier alternative to polyester, and is also better for the enviornment
  • Fins 
    • Quad Surf Fin Setup which gives this board good traction and quick turns
  • Epoxy Texture
    • This is a texture on the top of the board which helps decrease weight and also helps when you might want to stand on the nose!
  • Deluxe Surf LG P5 Techno Grip Traction Pad 
    • This traction pad is a medium hardness with horizontal grove dimple dots that help give the rider more traction than other traction pads
  • Sizes
    • 50, 53, 57
  • Design 
    • Directional Performance
  • Specialty 
    • Speed, Air and Tech 
  • Rider Skill Level
    • Advanced 
  • Board Stability 
    • Medium

BOARD SIZE 50 53 57














175 lbs.

185 lbs.

250 lbs.


5'1" - 5'11"

5'3" - 6'1"

5'7" - 6'5"





*Rider size suggested is for average fitness and ability. Experienced riders may prefer smaller size and beginners may require a larger size.



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