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Ronix 25ft PU Bungee Surf Rope


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The Ronix 25ft PU Bungee Surf Rope is a great piece to have in the boat when surfing. The bungee part of the rope keeps your shoulders in socket and can actually help propel you into the pocket of the wake. You can also use the removable sections of the rope to fine tune where you are riding. This can make it quicker to get in the pocket, or allow someone who is new to surfing, the ability to get up out of the wake area so they can gradually move closer to the boat.


  • PU Synthetic Leather Wrap Cover
  • Nylon Semi Barlock (Anti-Roll)
  • Hide Grip With 3D Molded Pattern For An Extra Tacky Grip
  • Inside EVA For Flotation
  • 3mm Thick Memory Foam
  • 1.15” Handle Diameter
  • 25ft With 4-Sections
  • 2ft Bungee Section Helps You Get Into The Pocket Faster


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