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2019 Ronix Fish Skim + Straps Wakesurf Board


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The 2019 Ronix Fish Skim is a perfect blend of surf and skim style characteristics. This Board features a hard rails which allows the board to break loose from the water easier than a rounded rail. The Fish Skim also has a slight swallow tail cut into the back of the board to improve maneuverability. The fish skim is also constructed with durability in mind. The Modello construction makes this board extra resilient to dings, but still provides the rider with great connection to the water.


  • Foot Straps Included
    • go bigger than ever befor with foot straps to send bigger airs and more rotations
  • Machined EVA Concave Pads
  • Standard Profile
    • This thickness is for a rider that wants the classic feel of a traditional wakesurf cross section.
  • 3 Fins
    • 1 center 2.9 inch fin
    • 2 outside 2.3 inch fins 
  • Compression Molded
  • Lightweight Wakeboard Construction
  • Performance
    • Beginner-Advanced
  • Modello Construction
    • Ronix's most solid construction. This construction is less prone to dings, and more connection to the water than many other surfers
  • Hard Rail
    • A rail designed for high speed carves, and is best for riders who like to jump on the gas pedal
  • Lava Resin
    • A high temperature resin used on all of Ronix's surfboards that is built to withstand mother natures extreme heat
  • Board Style
    • Skim

Center Width
Weight Range Based On Average
Size / Ability / Mid Size Wake
4'9" 13.8 2.2 20.5 Up to 185 lb
*Rider size suggested is for average fitness and ability. Experienced riders may prefer smaller size and beginners may require a larger size.


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