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2019 Liquid Force Space Pod Wakesurf Board


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The Liquid Force Space Pod is a brand new board for 2019. The parallel edges of the board allows this board to be a little narrower that is faster and much easier to turn. This board is a little thicker than previous boards like it with 1 extra liter of volume. The Space Pod also features a split tail that increases the drive and edge hold, while the increased nose and tail rocker make the board more maneuverable. The Core on the Space Pod is CNC'd from lightweight EPS foam and also utilizes carbon fiber and innegra to reinforce the hull to give this board a lightweight but powerful feel. The Carbon Fins give this board tons of drive and is the most high performance surf style board in Liquid Forces' Line.



  • Quicker Pod with More float
  • Modern Planing Hull Shape
  • Split Tail for more Drive and Hold
  • CNC Lightweight EPS Stringered Core
  • Liquid force Exclusive Carbon/Innegra Reinforced Deck
  • Carbon Tape Reinforced Hull
  • Single to Double Concave Hull
  • Quad Fin Setup-Carbon Sides & Stubbie Rear Fins
  • Multi Zoned grooved EVA Front & Rear Pads
  • Increased Nose & Tail Rocker for More Maneuverability
  • Shaper: Jimmy Redmon

LengthWidthThicknessRockerVolumeWeight Range

4' 4"

19.62" 1.65" 2.80" N / 0.76" T 19.26 L Up to 170 lbs

4' 8"

20.0" 1.72" 3.00" N / 0.80" T 22.02 L 150 - 200 lbs

5' 0"

20.50" 1.87" 3.20" N / 0.85" T 26.26 L 190 - 240 lbs


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