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EIGHT.3 Telescoping Trapezoid Ballast Bag


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In addition to having a simpler, faster system, these bags have anti-roll shapes that won’t flop around in your boat as easily.


  • Telescoping chamber with TiZip waterproof zipper
  • 60 gauge heavy duty tarpoulin materials
  • High strength sonic welding seams
  • 1.5” diameter fill port
  • Three 1” diameter external drain/vent ports
  • Shaped to fit under your seats, in your locker or on the floor or bow


CTN 400lbs (181kg) – Black / Gold -or- Silver / Scuderia
Size: 42”L X 18”W X 16”H
106.68cm L X 45.72m W X 40.64cm H

CTN 800lbs (363kg) – Black / Gold -or- Silver / Scuderia
Size: 50”L X 22”W X 20”H
127 cm L X 55.88m W X 50.8cm H

CTN 1100lbs (499kg) – Black / Gold -or- Silver / Scuderia
Size: 50”L X 26”W X 24”H
127cm L X 66.04cm W X 60.96cm H


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