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Rayne Bromance Deep Sea Upgraded Complete


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The Rayne Bromance was designed by Mike Fitter, the heavy hitter himself. This board is one of the most versatile boards around. This board is speed stiff for downhill racing. With its directional shape, this board is ready for the race course. This board features rocker and a very mild drop platform to keep you locked in. So when you’re kicking it sideways and freeriding, this board keeps your feet from sliding off of the deck. Lastly the engineers at Rayne carefully equipped this board with a functional kicktail, making this board a beast for all styles of skating. The fat bottom construction removes even more weight from the board, while keeping the board structurally sound. Overall, the Rayne Bromance is one setup that is ready for any session around.


  • Length            – 39″
  • Width             – 9.6″
  • Wheel Base  – 23.5” / 26.5”
  • Construction    Vertically Laminated Bamboo Plies
  • Pre-Tensioned Fiberglass

*Upgraded Complete comes pre-assembled with: Clear Mob Griptape, Black/Raw Ronin Cast Trucks, Greaseball Bearings, and Rayne Envy 70mm 80A Wheels


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