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Rollerblade NJ Pro Aggressive Inline Skate


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NJ Pro utilizes all premium components and has many features to help elevate ones street skating credibility. 60mm/92A Hydrogen Street wheels, SG7 Bearings and 42mm anti-rocker wheels provide an incredible roll. The Blank Liner has more than enough cushioning. The Blank frame is built with the UFS (Universal Frame System) and reducea friction when grinding. The cuff buckle, 45 degree strap and laces enable the feet to be properly supported. Top of the line skate with top of the line features.
- REMOVEABLE COMPONENTS ADD FLEXIBILITY and allow the skater to modify, upgrade or replace them with ease. Cuffs, buckles, grind inserts and frames are parts of the skates that can be replaced.
- BLANK UFS FRAME is versatile and modular for UFS compatible skates. Zytel material increases strength & the Super Lock groove in the middle make a sweet spot for rails and obstacles skaters session on
- PREMIUM BLANK LINER WITH SHOCK ABSORBER protects and cushions the skater from the impact of grinds & jumps. The reinforced outsole allows for light walking in places that do not allow skates.
- HYDROGEN 58mm/90A WHEELS made in the USA with a proprietary urethane formula to reduce vibration, extend wear & better roll. With SG7 bearings & 2x42mm anti-rockers giving the ultimate experience.


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Master Shredder 9 2020 at Trollhaugen