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2019 K2 MOD 110 Inline Skates


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Description & Specs

Introducing the new MOD skate series. Cue the Mod 110—bigger wheels carry their speed better, are more stable at high speeds, and dampen road vibrations. Throw in custom fit foam and a ventilated microfiber upper and the marathon circuit doesn’t stand a chance.


  • Speed Lacing
    • Lacing that is quick and easy. This lacing system features a easy to use speed lace cinch with eliminates the need for tying knots. and also features a sleek pocket to stash away the extra laces. 
  • MOD 110 Dual Density cuff
    • The perfect cuff for the skater that is looking for a marathon style skate. Just enough power transmision to get great push each stride, and also enough flexebility for great mobility and flex
  • MOD 110 Extruded 6061 Aluminum Frame
    • and extremely lightweight but strong frame made with 6061 aircraft grade aluminum
  • Custom Fit Foam
    • this foam is the perfect foam to achieve a perfect fit in your skate.
  • Ventilated Microfiber Upper
    • this microfiber upper will resist odor much better than other commonly used materials


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