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2017 K2 F.I.T. BOA Men's Inline Skates


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The F.I.T. Boa® inline skate is designed to meet the needs of the fitness purist. Dialed in with the Boa® Closure System, this K2 Softboot® can be fine tuned while you are skating to produce the perfect fit. The D.C. Aluminum Frame provides a stable platform for speed, a wheelbase that is quite maneuverable, and the Stability Plus cuff delivering maximum support. Combine these features with ILQ-7 bearings and 84mm wheels with your skates, and you have a fitness machine ready to workout. Now upgradable to 90mm!


  • Wheel Size: 84mm
  • Lacing: BOA
  • Skate Cuff: Stability Plus Cuff
  • Skate Frame: D.C. Aluminum Frame
  • Wheels/Bearings: ILQ-7 Bearings


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