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2019 K2 Alexis 84 BOA Women's Inline Skates


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Ladies, look no further for your perfect workout companion. The Alexis BOA has all the features you need in a fitness skate, without any excessive flair.  84MM/80A wheels provide a smooth ride with just enough glide speed to get your heart pumping. Utilizing a BOA lacing system, the Alexis skates are fast and easy to put on and take off, so you spend more time skating and less time fussing with laces.  The Alexis skates have a supportive cuff and D.C. Aluminum Frame which means stability at speed, without sacrificing maneuverability.


  • 84mm/80a Wheels w/ ILQ7 Bearings
    • Active formula wheels that feature a 80A hardness that is proven to provide a smooth and stable ride ideal for fitness and recreational skaters alike. This wheel also comes with a mid level ILQ7 bearing
  • DC Aluminum Frame
    • This Frame comes stock with 84mm Wheels, but can also accomedate up to a 90mm wheel
  • Stability Plus Cuff
    • This cuff provided great support for that recreational skater looking for more stability
  • BOA Lacing
    • This lacing offers a ratcheting dial that will keep your skates tight from start to finish. BOA also offers a lifetime warranty on its parts.


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