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The sun rises so early on those summer mornings, like a transfer of energy straight to your soul for long days. The Energy is a Reef womens athletic inspired sandal of breathable sandwich mesh with faux nubuck. Features soft EVA top sole and anatomical footbed with contouring arch support and forefront sculpting. Rubber outsole with Swellular Traction pods in heel and forefront. Two-part sandal with rubber outsole cupping the EVA for supportive sidewall. Soft jersey liner for comfort. No sew overlay on upper for support.
  • Breathable sandwich mesh with faux nubuck
  • Soft jersey liner for comfort
  • No sew overlay on upper for support
  • Soft EVA top sole with anatomical footbed with contouring, arch support, and forefront sculpting
  • Two part sandal with rubber outsole cupping the EVA for supportive sidewall
  • Rubber outsole with swellular traction pods in heel and forefront

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