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Swix Diamond Stone Pro Racing


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The Swix Diamond Stone Pro Racing stones are more durable and longer lasting diamond stones. These stones are for deburring and polishing ski and snowboard edges. Best used when wet.


  • X-Coarse 100 grit.
    • Deburring and sharpening diamond stone. Works great for removing case hardening in the tip and tail from grinding stone entry and exit of the ski at the manufacturing facility, and from hitting rocks.
  • Coarse 200 grit.
    • Deburring and maintenance stone. One of two stones that can do it all in the diamond category. Works great for maintaining sharpness and smoothness.
  • Medium 400 grit.
    • 2nd in your must have diamonds to maintain a smooth and sharp edge. Starts to bring out that high polish shine. 
  • Fine 600 grit.
    • First diamond stone when you have smooth, clean edge to start honing and polishing the set edge. Great grit for finishing tech skis.
  • X-Fine 1000 grit.
    • Final diamond polish when looking for that mirror finish. Extremely exact edge accuracy. Used on alpine skis to achieve that super smooth finish.


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