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Beast Oval Brush


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Fast skis don't just happen, they start with a good grind followed by extensive brushing. BEAST Race Brushes were designed in collaboration with the top speed skiers in the country. Critical elements in these top quality brushes are type, diameter, length and quantity of fiber in each tuft and spacing. The flexible strap is designed so that the wax brush can lay flat on its back and not accidentally roll over becoming contaminated with bench top debris.
  • BEAST Stainless Steel/Horsehair Oval: Designed primarily as a pre-waxing base conditioning brush for removal of oxidation and to enhance the structure. The fine steel fibers have a gentle cutting action.

  • BEAST Stiff Bronze/Horsehair Oval: This one belongs in every tuning box. Stiff bronze fiber combined with ring of horsehair for multiple uses. Some techs use as their #1 prep brush to condition base before waxing. Others use as post waxing brush for harder waxes.

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