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Arctica Youth USA GS Speed Suit


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The revolutionary Arctica GS Speed Suit has been completely reinvented from the ground up starting with our exclusive new fabric. RACEFLEX is a highly durable three layer stretch polyester that has high elasticity and takes print incredibly well. Patterns for every size have been completely reengineered to insure the best possible fit for the widest range of athlete. Each suit is laser cut and printed individually using a special process to insure bright colors and long lasting graphics. Nine panel fully anatomic construction and elastic thread insure the best possible comfort and fit. Spring loaded zipper pulls and silicone cuff grips insure that your suit is in place and close to the body. Pads are removable to customize per racer preference. Arctica GS Speed Suits come in adult and youth sizes and are unmatched in quality, performance and value.


  • Youth Unisex sizing
  • Exclusive RACEFLEX 3 layer micro polyester fabric
  • All new fit using anatomic 9 panel construction and elastic thread
  • Silicon leg grips secure fit
  • Spring loaded zipper pulls stay in place
  • Removable high impact pads
  • Thumb anchor strap

Adult Unisex
Mens Size
Womens Size
XS (4-6)
S (6-8)
M (8-10)
L (10-12)
XL (12-14)
  Height inches 58.5" - 62.5" 62.5"-66.5" 66.5" - 70.5" 70.5"-74.5" 74.5"-78.5"
    cm 149 - 159 159-169 169-179 179-189 189-199
  Weight lbs 85-100 100-130 130-160 160-190 190-200
    kilos 38-45 45-58 58-72 72-86 86-90
Youth Unisex Size   XS S (8-10) M (10-12) L (12-14)  
  Height inches   50.5"-54.5" 54.5"-58.5" 58.5"-62.5"  
    cm   128-138 138-149 149-159  
  Weight lbs   60-75 75-90 90-105  
    kilos   27-34 34-40 40-46  


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